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About Us

At Lone Star Sport & Spine we specialize in giving endurance athletes what they need- prevention of injury, performance care and pain relief.  If you want to train, race, run, cycle, or play like you haven't in a long time give us a try.

We are soft tissue specialists and pride ourselves in being honest with you about your care and making you feel better than you have in years.

We offer sports chiropractic and focus on the soft tissue aspect of repetitive stress injuries, such as tendinitis and other sports injuries.

If you have been to a chiropractor and they are not addressing your needs as an athlete, our facility would be a great new option.

Sports chiropractors use whatever tool or method is necessary for each sports injury, or tendinitis, based upon that athlete's exact problem. There is no one treatment which can correct all sports injuries.

Lone Star Sport & Spine proudly serves North Texas and The Greater DFW Metroplex. Although many of our patients live all over the area, many of them will come from a great distance to receive our Active Release Techniques®, chiropractic care, and rehabilitation. Our customer service is second to none; our patients always come first.  Even patients who are afraid of going to a chiropractor love our style of care.

Check out our website for other articles and information on Active Release Techniques® and injury prevention assessments to see if it can help you or any of your loved ones get out of pain and prevent new injuries.

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