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At Lone Star Sport & Spine we specialize in giving clients what they need- prevention of injury, performance care and pain relief. We pride ourselves in being honest with you about your care and making you feel better than you have in years. Our office is different from other Plano chiropractic offices, because we offer more than the adjustment.  Our new client exam focuses on finding the source of your dysfunction and discomfort so that we can get longer lasting results and teach you exercises to keep those nagging injuries from reoccuring.

We offer sports chiropractic and focus on the soft tissue aspect of repetitive stress injuries, such as tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, post knee reconstruction, tennis elbow, disc herniations, and many other sports injuries. Sports chiropractors will choose physiotherapy modalities based on what is necessary for their clients specific needs based on their injury. There is no one treatment which can correct all sports injuries, especially because we treat a wide variety of athletes from endurance athletes, weight lifters, golfers, tennis players, Crossfit, soccer players, you name it we've seen it!

Lone Star Sport & Spine proudly serves Plano and The Greater DFW Metroplex. Although many of our clients live all over the area, many of them will come from a great distance to receive our Active Release Techniques®, chiropractic care, and rehabilitation. Read about the services we offer here-

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