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Functional Taping

Athletes constantly need to be taking care of, protecting, and training their bodies for ultimate
performance. Functional taping can help athletic performance and assist in decreasing discomfort. For underworking muscles, functional taping facilitates movement to help strengthen the muscle. For overworking muscles, taping will inhibit and prevent movement and allow strains and injuries to heal.

If you are experiencing discomfort and have a marathon, baseball game, swim meet, triathlon, lifting competition, or any other event coming up, functional taping can help you stay strong and perform at your best. This differs significantly from performance taping, which is a quick fix for distracting the body from painful areas. Performance taping does not correct problems, it simply allows you to play through the pain in that moment.

Functional tape should be applied regularly by a certified taping specialist. Dr. Tabassum Ali has been trained by RockTape and certified through the Chiropractic Sports Physician Program to apply various taping techniques for a variety of issues. Lone Star Sport & Spine uses KT and RockTape –- two of the best brands on the market.

People who receive Chiropractic Adjustments, Myofascial Release, and Corrective Exercises are great candidates for functional taping.

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